'Elvis Presley' - 24 Carat Gold Disc - To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Elvis' death

Condition: New
More Information
  • New vinyl & cover pressing
  • Vacuum coated (metalized) with 24 carat gold
  • Completed with engraved metallic plaque with commemoration details
  • Mounted, glazed and framed ready to hang
  • Produced by UK Music Awards. Limited to 5 only
A superb 24 carat gold disc and album cover presentation of the album 'Elvis Presley' by Elvis Presley.The disc Is mounted on a black background and framed in a quality wooden frame Size: 28" X 17" (70cms X 42cms) This stunning presentation is completed with an engraved metallic plaque. This is a product Of UK Music Awards (Established For Over 30 Years) The Company Guarantees The Following Specifications:- This Award Is Professionally Made To A Very High Standard Using Quality Materials. It Is limited to 5 only. The disc Is vacuum coated (not sprayed or painted).
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