Elvis Presley - 24 Carat Gold Disc and Cover - ' Elvis '

Condition: New
More Information
  • Authentic original vinyl pressing
  • Vacuum coated (metalized) with 24 carat gold
  • Completed with engraved metallic plaque with artist/band, title and record company details
  • Mounted, glazed and framed ready to hang
  • Produced by UK Music Awards. Established over 30 years
A superb 24 Carat Gold Disc Disc and original album cover presentation of The Classic Album by Elvis Presley. The original disc Is mounted on a red background and framed In a quality wooden frame; Size: 28" X 17" (70cms X 42cms). This stunning presentation is completed with an engraved metallic plaque to recognise sales in the United Kingdom of The RCA LP.  This Award Is a product Of UK Music Awards (Established For Over 30 Years) The Company Guarantees The Following Specifications:- This Award Is Professionally Made To A Very High Standard using quality materials. It is not mass produced. Only original vinyl LP's are used. The Disc is vacuum  coated (not sprayed or painted). The metallic plaque Is individually engraved.
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