Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I be sure that I am buying from a reputable Company
UK MUSIC AWARDS have been selling Gold and Platinum discs to the Trade and to music fans for over 30 years and have received over a thousand positive feedbacks
2.  Is the item the one that was presented to the artist by the BPI and the record industry
  These are Gold & Platinum Disc presentations which  have been made by UK Music Awards for fans and artists who require a momento of the record to display on a wall. They are made with the original vinyl and are mostly limited to 5. They are not an award that was presented to the artist by the BPI(British phonographic industry) 

3. Do you use original records and covers 
 We  only use original vinyl and original LP and 7" covers. With songsheets that are badly marked we may use an enhanced image. We try to obtain  the best condition of records for coating

4. Will these items increase in value
Unlike most gold and platinum discs that  are sold on the internet,our discs are sold with the original vinyl,
and as the prices of original vinyl increases so should our discs  

5.  Do you have a shop that I can view 
We closed our high street music  shops over 10 years ago and now do not have a convenient place to view

6. How are the discs coated
Unlike many of our competitors , our vinyl discs are not sprayed, but are vacuum coated ,the same as those awarded within the music industry. The gold discs are genuine 24 carat gold coated .

7. Can I have a different frame
The frames we use are either  quality aluminium, or black ash wood, or  mahogany wood. The additional cost to reframe with a different frame, to the one shown is £10  

8.  What is on the plaque
Like the record industry the metallic plaques with our discs are individually engraved, In recognition of sales in the UK, together with the record company.the title of the record.and the artist 
for example -
Presented to Recognise Sales
in the United Kingdon
of the EMI Single

9.  Can I have a personalised plaque
We offer a service for engraved personalised metallic plaques for weddings,birthdays,anniversaries and other celebrations
On your plaque you can have 5 lines with upto 30 characters per line
We only engrave once a week so it may delay delivery
The additional fee is £10

10.   Can I have my own disc coated and framed
If you supply the item, we can coat and frame in the same format as you see on our website. Please contact us with your requirements and we will email back the price. We do not offer a general framing service

11.  Will you supply the coated disc only, so I can frame myself
Sorry,we do not coat your discs only, or sell our coated discs only

12.  Is it framed with normal glass or styrene (plexi-glass) 
Most items are now glazed with styrene(plexi glass) which is unbreakable.  If prefered, Items sent to the UK may be sent with normal glass.  

13.  Is it possible to have a clearer picture
The pictures are taken individually, and unfortunately because of the glass reflection, some pictures may not appear very clear and also slightly distorted

14.  Will I receive a discount if I buy more than 1 item 
A discount will automatically be calculated when purchasing 2 or more items in your shopping cart.                               The discount given is a combined  discount on both the product and shipping. 

15. How do I pay 
Easy Payment is by PayPal 
or Bank Transfer
To  Elpees)
Sort code 20-06-72
A/C 80353280
In the rare event you wish to return an item,we must receive notification within 30 days.
Please return the goods to receive a full refund, in the original packaging if possible.


Should you wish to contact us please click on Contact details at the top of the home page